PDK International encourages school districts, school boards, and community groups to use the PDK poll to begin conversations about what matters most about public education.

2019 PDK poll downloads

We welcome having PDK members and others use the resources provided here to begin conversations about what matters most in public education. Please credit the PDK poll, 2019 each time you use those resources.

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2019 PDK Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools (PDF)

2019 PDK poll topline data report (PDF)

2019 PDK poll highlights

2019 PDK poll PowerPoint presentation

2019 PDK poll charts

Awareness of state report cards ever read (png)

Awareness of state report cards issued (png)

Bible studies classes (png)

Biggest problem facing public schools (png)

Comparative religion classes (png)

Feeling fairly paid (png)

Funding the public schools (png)

Grading the schools (png)

Main goal of public school education (png)

Mediation vs. detention/suspension (png)

Parents assess school quality (png)

Parents grade local public schools (png)

Parents grade local public schools (ethnicity) (png)

Parents grade local public schools (income) (png)

Percent A or B grades (png)

Political candidates support for funding (png)

Preferred elective subject (png)

Preferred job skills (png)

Problems-pressures at school (png)

Reasons teachers considered leaving (png)

Religion in schools (png)

School performance (png)

Should students study civics? (png)

Sin taxes support education (png)

Teacher annual household income (png)

Teacher ideology-party identification (png)

Teachers concerns (png)

Teachers grade schools (png)

Teaching civics (png)

Views on school discipline (png)

Who's teaching America's children (png)

Would vote to strike (png)

Zero tolerance (png)

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2018 PDK poll charts and graphics