Why not go into teaching?

In an open-ended question in the 2018 poll, we asked parents why they did not want their child to become a teacher. The most common responses mention inadequate pay and benefits, followed by student behavior and lack of discipline. Among the sharpest gaps, 41% of Democrats who wouldn’t want their child to teach cite poor pay, compared with about one-quarter of Republicans and Independents. Republicans (17%) and Independents (15%) are slightly more likely than Democrats (6%) to mention student behavior as a reason to avoid teaching.

Here are some of the answers in response to the question: “Why would you not like to have a child of yours take up teaching?”

• Crappy pay.

• It’s dangerous being a teacher.

• Low salary, low social respect, and physically exhausting.

• The classes are too large, the pay is awful.

• Poor pay considering all the responsibilities and personal expenses involved.

• Overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated.

• Too much chaos in public schools.

• Teaching seems to be more of a thankless job these days because so many kids are just going through the motions and not committed to learning.

• They are not paid well. In our community, a teacher has a hard time owning a home.

• Their time and effort outside the classroom, plus the emotional toll of investing in individual students, as well as classes in whole, is not reflected in their paychecks.

• Kids are mean.

• Low pay, too political.

• Too much disrespect.

• Too much bureaucracy.

• The teachers get treated like crap if kids aren’t up to par on the testing scores. They also don’t get paid enough. It’s sad we pay more to guys running back and forth on courts and fields than we do to the ones we entrust with our children.

• Because the students run the classroom. The teachers cannot force them to pay attention or do what they want them to do. Students that don’t want to pay attention make it hard for the children that want to learn.

• Low income. They would struggle to make ends meet.

• The income is not enough to raise a family.

• The reason there are not always quality teachers in public schools is because of the way they are paid and treated. I would not want my future child to be treated poorly or paid less than they deserve for a job that is as difficult as teaching children.

• It’s a thankless job.

• Because the kids these days are rude and disrespectful.

• It’s not rewarding enough. It’s a very tough job.