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The teaching profession: Would you want your child to become a teacher?

Americans respect teachers, but they don't want their children to join their ranks.

Public school teaching as a career path has lost much of its allure. Fifty-four percent of parents would not like one of their children to take up teaching in the public schools as a career, a majority response to this question for the first time since we began asking the question in 1969. Although 46% surveyed in the 2018 PDK poll would support a teaching career, that’s down steeply from 70% in 2009 and from a high of 75% in the first PDK poll in 1969. Support has been lower just once before, by a single percentage point, during a trough in the early 1980s.

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Sixty-seven percent of Hispanics would favor their child working as a teacher, declining to 51% of blacks and 40% of whites. Whites with college degrees are essentially split, while those without a degree oppose it — 69% of white men without degrees say they wouldn’t want their child to take up teaching, as do 59% of white women with no degree.

Americans may not want their children to become teachers, but most say they have trust and confidence in teachers — 61% — although this leaves 4 in 10 (39%) who lack such confidence. That’s the highest lack of confidence in seven PDK polls since the question was first asked in 2010, though it was similar (35%) in 2014. Parents of school-age children have higher trust than those without children in school, 68% vs. 59%.

Liberals and white women with college degrees, as well as those who rate public schools highly, are most likely to have trust and confidence in teachers, three-quarters or more of each. This drops to only about half of conservatives, Northeasterners, white men without degrees, and adults who give low grades to the schools.

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