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Teacher pay: Would you support a teacher strike?

The public indicates there is broad support for teacher job actions aimed at higher pay.

Despite declining union affiliation in general, 73% of Americans surveyed in the 2018 PDK poll say they would support public school teachers in their community if they went on strike for higher pay. Even among public school parents — those who would be most directly affected by a strike — 78% say they’d support a teacher walkout.

Regional differences occur here as well. Southerners (78%) are more likely than Northeasterners (67%) or Midwesterners (69%) to say they’d support a teacher strike for higher pay; Westerners fall in between at 74%. Four in 10 Southerners and Westerners say they’d “strongly” support a strike, compared with those living in the Northeast (28%) and Midwest (23%).

Majorities across partisan lines say they’d support teachers striking for higher pay, albeit with wide gaps. Eighty-seven percent of Democrats say they’d back a strike, 49% saying they’d do so strongly. That falls to 57% among Republicans, just two in 10 strongly. Independents fall in between at 71% support, including 24% strongly.

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